Lavender Influence


Delicately soothing and balancing power of ultra-scented lavender essential oils induce tranquility and comfort.

Enjoy a uniquely redolent and sentient olfactory experience with Lavender Influence essential oil infused scented candle. Dispel gloom, effluvia and all negative energies from your home or office and transform your home to a heavenly realm with the calming properties of these candles.

Lavender Influence scented candle provide you with a unique sensory experience. Of all our senses, the olfactory is the subtlest and the keenest, taking you back in time or transporting you beyond mundane existence to a place of beauty, fragrance, delight, peace, and sentience.



Product Description

  • Burn Time – 12 Hours
  • Wax – Blend of premium grade paraffin wax and bees wax
  • Scent – Pure Essential Oils
  • Wick – USA made natural maple wooden wicks centered for the best burn possible
  • Weight – 90 grams net weight of candle


  • Burn within sight
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Keep away from things that catch fire