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  • Granadilla Amber Twist


    Pleasantly sweet and appetizing exotic passion fruit with even more attractive fragrance embedded in woody Cinnamon and pungent Ginger undertones the Citrus taste. The hauntingly beautiful fragrance of Cinnamon and passion makes a wonderful addition to uplift your mood and refreshes stagnant subtle energies.

    Pour into a transparent pitcher, let it sweep for 8 – 10 minutes and sweeten with Bee Honey, maple syrup or Sugar. Enjoy in iced or hot form sipping with thirst-quenching and healthy drinks by turning it into your fantastic cocktail or mocktail.

  • Pineapple Cinna Colada

  • Cinnamon Healer Bee Honey


    Our spreadable Cinnamon Healer Bee Honey all natural carefully construed Cinnamon Powder and pure wild bee honey gives a spreadable flavor. It’s rare to find something as savor the flavor of wellness as it is delicious. Maximizing vigour stupor and zestfulness it adds longevity, efficiency and energy of life. Plenty with healer bee honey is an all-time flavored.

    Real Cinnamon Bee Honey

    Serving Suggestions / Options
    Spread on warm biscuits and wattles
    For a warm intense flavor mixing into desserts, smoothies and cakes
    Spread deliciously on whole meal toasted breads, brownies and tea cakes.

  • Aesthetic Spicy Sparkler


    Exuberant spicy cinnamon, aromatic Cardamom, pungent Ginger and a dash of clove;  a radiant blend of all spices when mixed with tangy Premium Black Tea brings out the rich aromatic and luxurious taste. Invigorating warm and exotic combination of spices uplifts your mood and delicately cleanses pallet. Ideal with Bee Honey and a splash of milk for elegant taste.

  • Canela Jade of Power


    The mellow note in Green Tea comes with added taste of tropical aromatic spicy cinnamon that infuses the strong power of antioxidant to boost the zest of life. It inspires courage and stimulates power punch. The strong aroma splurges with sweet citrus taste of exotic spice imparting crystal clear green colour when brewed.

  • Elixir of Life


    Elegant taste of real Ceylon Cinnamon, exclusively blended with high grown Ceylon Premium Tea, adds exuberance which would uplift your spirit with exciting new flavours. A radiant blend of brewed dark flame colour premium tea adds a strong cinnamon aroma which enhances your mental agility. Premium Black Tea, mixed with strong cinnamon, gives you a tantalizing taste. From ancient times this magical spice has cured various illnesses and rejuvenated life.

  • Cinnamon Ginger Detox Revitalizer Tea


    When you have a cold or sore throat, Ginger Cinnamon Detox Revitalize helps to warm, stimulate and invigorate your body. Sharp piercing fragrance cuts through catarrh, congestion and brings out instant relief for sinuses. This beverage is ideal during winter to warm both mind and body.

  • Authentic Spice Tea


    Exuberant spicy cinnamon, aromatic Cardamom, pungent Ginger together with a dash of clove gives a radiant blend of all spices when mixed with tangy black premium tea which brings out the rich aromatic and luxurious taste of the finest beverages. Add a splash of milk and bee honey for a rich authentic taste experience.

  • Cinnamon Kick (Caffeine Free) Tea


    Cinnamon kick brings out your workout potential through increased metabolism, speeding up your strength and reducing the lethargic effect of your body. Cinnamon Legends is proud to introduce this delightful caffeine-free beverage which helps to build-up stamina and would complement before and after a work- out session